Confidence is the color … yellow!

My Mother always said yellow was the color for dark skin and I believe it now. It requires a certain confidence to pull off but man does it generate cynosure.


Lakshmi Menon combines her dusky beauty with ease on the runway.  Her skin makes the red and orange look so good!


2 thoughts on “Confidence is the color … yellow!”

  1. Yay Jeeva! Great to see these posts. I love this one in particular as I celebrate yellow. I am not dark-skinned, but I am 1/2 Argentine, with olive – yellow undertones in my skin. Yellow and orange (autumn colors) are my new joy, having worn the wrong colors for years.

    I also truly enjoy the fashion and culture on your blog and all you represent in loving all forms of beauty, fully!

    1. Thank you Deborah.
      I am trying to bring about relevant content to Cinnamon Spirit, but a lot of this can apply across a wide range of cultures.
      Am so glad you find this exciting. Do let me know if you ever have a question in your mind or an aha moment.

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