Apologies for the long hiatus

I’ll come right out and apologize for this long hiatus.  Life happens and I started a fabulous new job that allowed me to pursue another not for profit passion of mine.

If there is one thing I have learned from starting this blog, it is that writing takes time, creativity and energy.  I was drained and needed to take a break. The upside is, while I was gone, others have been making progress and carrying our torch.

First among them is the Dark Is Beautiful campaign. With monthly workshops, active blog posts, advocacy for fair representation of the people in media, they continue to do an amazing job from Chennai, India.

Melanie, from Beautifully Brown keeps handing out way better tips than I could.

But most of all, we are hoping that today’s parents continue to instill confidence in their children. Tell your children they are so dark and beautiful!

I also believe that in the last 6 months, there has been some positive activity where Indian designers have used truly dark skinned models. Wooohooo! Read more about it on my next blog post.

Finally this is very difficult for me but I am going to step it up and post pictures of myself, because, thanks to my wonderful parents and family, I’ve always felt radiantly beautiful and parade around with abundant confidence.

That picture you see of me was taken three decades ago. My brother and I were brought up to believe we were great looking people. We know and knew no different.

Let freedom reign! Allow yourself to see the superstar in you! 


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