10 Fashion tips for our men!

1. Short sleeved shirts and ties do not go together : The NASA control room look may come back in the future but it is not happening right now. This look is a definite no no for business.

2. Own a two button jacket that fits well: This is a must have for work and semi casual occasions. Remember to button up at all times other than when you are seated.cinnamon-spirit-two-button-jacket

3. Bow ties plus a shot of confidence: We are for this traditional look but in today’s world you need a shot of confidence to pull this off. Ladies do like bow ties


4. Match your tie with the width of your lapel: If your lapel is wide, go for a wider ties and vice-versa if narrow. Mixing a narrow tie with a wide lapel is a no no.

5. Your belt should match your shoes in color and texture : When buying shoes, consider investing in matching belts. Mixing these colors can be tricky, unless you are planing on wearing something funky for fun.

6. Big baggie pants make you look short: Do not wear them unless you want to look shorter

7. Trousers should be long enough: They should be long enough so they cover the top of your shoes and do not expose your socks. It’s only when you are seated, should your socks be visible.

8. Socks should match your pants: When buying pants, try to match your socks to pants in other hues. That way, when you remove your shoes or are seated, your socks blend with your pants and don’t break up the ensemble.

9. Ties should reach your belt buckle: It has become more common for men to wear ties longer than the belt buckle but this is the most desirable length. Anything shorter would seem sloppy.

10. Properly knotted ties have a dimple in the middle: Try the different kinds of tie knots such as the Four-hand-knot, Windsor-knot or the Pratt knot. Depending on what you prefer, they can range in width.


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